Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Time is Here...

Well with only 16 days left until Christmas, I really should get all of my gifts bought (or made).  Momma has already had a couple of requests for her famous lemon cookies.  We have already started making stuff, like salty caramel, and its really hard not to eat all of it!! 
All of Momma's cousins from Minnesota are coming for Christmas.  We are hoping that they will all get to spend the night with us at least once.  Time for lunch!!  Feliz Navidad!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!

Well, tomorrow is thanksgiving and after that its only 30 days until Christmas!  This past week I was thinking about all of the good stuff that we were going to have to eat for thanksgiving, green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie.  Then I realized how God has truly blessed us with all these good things to eat.  About a week ago my sister, Brooke, had a post on her blog about how much food we eat and throw away.  About how we live in excess.   If you didn't get a chance to read it then here is the link to it,  This thanksgiving I'm not going to starve myself and not eat any food, I'm just going to try not to wast it!  Happy Thanksgiving! Senere!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A fun filled weekend!!

Well after a weekend filled with fun and friends, it's back to school and chores and the normal blah.  For those of you who haven't already seen it I have created a button for my blog :)  Feel free to put it on your blog!! 
Today I started working on Christmas music and I decided to play Last Christmas by Wham! I remember making fun of it last year with Brooke and now I'm learning how to play it by choice.  Oh the irony.  Well I asked momma if I could help her make pizza dough for dinner so, myöhemmin alligaattori! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well I finished my paper!! What was supposed to be a 3 paragraphs and 350 words, turned into a 3 paragraph paper with 706 words.  I'm so happy that it's done :).  
I'm not sure how everyone around here is feeling today, but yesterday we didn't feel to superb.  I've got a cough, and I think Faith and Laurel have stuffy noses, all yesterday Brooke was in bed with an upset stomach.  I think we all need just a little bit of healing.  Tonight Faith and I have gymnastics unless we don't go because of how people are feeling.  Well I just wanted to say that I got my paper finish, syonara!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have writers block...HELP!!!

Oh, writers block is a terrible thing.  I'm right in the middle of writing a school paper about the roman and Greek god and goddesses.  I only need to write about  5 more sentences and I can't think of a thing :(.  I've probably spent about 5-10 minutes spinning around in my chair, trying to come up with and idea of how to end my paper.  Well I suppose that I should do some other school while I try and think up an ending.  Nazdar!

Monday, November 8, 2010

1 day to relax and then its back to school :(

Well I had a wonderful weekend at OCC (Ozark Christian College) with Paige, My Mom, Brooke, and Sarah.  It was really cold there and some of the activities were outside.  When we were on our way to the bonfire someone threw a football and smacked me in the back of the head with it.  Momma was sure that it was an accident but I wasn't.  They didn't apologize, but they did stop throwing it to each other.  Our group left the bonfire early because it was too cold and so that we could take showers before a line formed.  Paige and I were in a different dorm room so after showering we went and talked to our roommates for the night,  Jennifer and Arbie.  They were very nice and fun to room with!  Well I suppose that I'd better get on to other school, Fino a domani!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Carnival Crunch Time!!

Well it's only 6 days until the hallelujah carnival and we still have lots of work to be done! I'm hoping that momma will see how much we still have left to do and say that we don't have to do all of our school for this week.  Momma and Daddy are trying to decide if we should go to Texas for Martins dad's funeral (one more reason not to do school).  Faith has been begging momma and daddy but I don't think that it would be that great of an idea with the carnival only 6 days away.  Please keep the Tibbets Family in your prayers!  Ci vediamo!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Work must be done...

Well I'm pretty sure that everybody had fun at the corn maze last night.  We were supposed to pay $7 but the lady who was running the booth thought that we were all 12 & under.  Whoops.  I didn't think that I looked that short until someone else thought that I was 11 as well.  After the corn maze I was tired and starving!  We went to Braum's and got some dinner before coming home.  It's only 1 week and 2 days until the hallelujah carnival so we have to work on it today.  Pożegnanie teraz!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well after working on my blog for about 3 hours with Brooke's help I finally got everything fixed!  I'm so happy that it worked and so tired of working on it that I don't ever want to change the font again!!  Even though I don't really like the one that I picked.  Figures.  Tomorrow our family is going to see the Tom Sawyer play with a group of homeschoolers then we have the corn maze with the youth group (or gymnastics) later on.  Well considering that I haven't done any of my other school yet for today I should probably start working on it!  Do widzenia!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn Maze Craze

This Thursday the youth group from church is taking a trip to the "A-Maze-In-Grace" corn maze.  This year the maze is supposed to be in shapes from the prodigal son story from the Bible.

This gives us a great chance for outreach and a possibility to bring someone to Christ.  The only bad thing is that my parents scheduled it for when I have gymnastics so I'll have to skip it :(.  This week I'm watching Tucker for Pastor Kim and Miss Debbie, I'm hoping that she behaves and makes the job a little easier by not going to the bathroom in the house.   Lunch is calling me!  Vi ses senare alligator!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Our house is quite depressed because of the turnout of the Alabama game this last weekend.  When I got to church on Sunday everybody started asking me why Bama lost to some chickens.  Not cool.  Well today Momma and Daddy have another Doctors appointment.  Faith and Laurel are arguing on the stairs about something silly but I better got stop them so, Cheerio!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Doctors appointments galore :(

Of all my least favorite things to do it's going to the doctor or dentist, and this week it seems like we have a million trips to make to one or the other.  Right now Momma and Daddy are actually at one.  Between school, the Hallelujah Carnival and Dr. appointments our entire family is super busy.  Right now Faith and Laurel are doing something on the stairs and Brooke is doing something on the computer and I'm working on my blog while listening to classical music, fun stuff.  Well I've got more school to do so, Αργότερα αλιγάτορα! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Please!

Why does the bad stuff always have to happen on the busiest days? On Sunday (i think) my great grandpa Dill fell and broke his hip, but he didn't tell my grandma (that lives with him).  He didn't know that it was broken until he couldn't get up after he sat down yesterday.  My grandma took him to the new Via Christi and he's having surgery this morning.  Please keep him in your prayers! On Monday I sprained my ankle at gymnastics.  Of course I just had to be the one to get hurt.  I think that Momma was just a wee bit mad that I got hurt and even more so because I didn't call her and tell her when I did it.  I think that I've said enough for one day so, Ciao!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing to say at the moment...

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted anything lately but the weekend was quite busy.  On Saturday I was at a Hannah's birthday party and then we had to unload pellets.  Sunday we had church then we all had choir and Momma and Daddy had Bible study.  Today Brooke, Faith and Daddy all have doctor appointments.  So it will only be Laurel and I at home.  Later Faith and I have gymnastics.  Well I better finish up my school.  Arrivederci!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbye Juice!

Well tonight is JC's last night as youth minister, so tonight in the park we are going to make an 18 foot banana split.  It's gonna be pretty tasty!  Tomorrow is going to be super busy because I have all of my school to do, a doctors appointment for my knee, and gymnastics!  Well nothing really exciting is going on so adios amigos!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonight was a series of unfortunate events....

Well tonight didn't go too swell.  Brooke and Momma were gone so I made dinner.  I accidentally set the oven to 350 instead of 415 so the chicken took forever to bake, and I started the green beans late so they were still hard when everything else was done.  When we all sat down to eat Faith brought the sauce in and accidentally spilled it on the carpet.  After that was picked up everything was cold.  Well now I'm going to relax and watch Fiddler on the Roof so adieu!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A super fun weekend!

Well after a great fun filled week, it's time to get back to school work.  This past weekend I got to spend the night with one of my best friends, Hannah.  We went to the fall fest and rode a bunch of rides.  On Saturday we woke up and went to the parade and got a lot of candy.  After lunch they dropped me off at my house and I got to power wash the porch. That was fun....not really.  After that I watched the Alabama game with Daddy which was a nail biter. But Alabama won! 24-20.  Then a bunch of friends came over and had dinner.  All of the kids played while the adults had a bible study.  On Sunday we had a church dinner, yum! Now I'm working on my blog while Laurel is eating lunch, Momma's on the phone and Faith just sneezed all over Brooke.  Después de un tiempo de cocodrilo!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreadfully busy.

Well today is a very busy day, and poor Faith caught the flu bug.  So right now she's upstairs relaxin' and watchin' movies while the rest of us do school.  Today I have a doctor appointment for my knee and then Brooke, Faith, Laurel, and have a dentist appointment.  Faith is somewhat lucky, she doesn't have to go to the dentist.  But I suppose that going to the dentist is better than having the flu.  Later on tonight I have gymnastics, Normally Faith would go too.  Hasta luego cocodrilo!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A very rain cloudy, sleepy, kind of day...

Today is a very somniferous kind of day.  One of those days that you feel like doing nothing but laying around and watching movies or reading a good book by the fire.  But, alas, life must go on and so must school work, yuck.  If I must write something rather cheery I suppose I'll tell you (Whoever you are, and if anybody is reading this.) about what my family is doing at the moment.  Well, Laurel is doing PE (again), Faith is making hideous, annoying noises with a balloon, Brooke is practicing piano, Daddy is doing laundry, and Momma is gone at the moment.  Well not much is going on, so I believe that this will be my post for the day.  Comentario por favor!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day two of my blog.

Well so far so good.  I think that I might have figured my blog out.  Today they tore down the lighthouse (The building that our youth group had Sunday school and Wednesday nights in.).  Brooke and Momma missed it all coming down because they were on there way back from Brooke's orthodontist appointment.  Then we had PE with Pastor Kurt.  At the moment Faith is watching Little House on the Prairie, Daddy is on the laptop, Momma and Laurel are at Laurel's ballet class, and Brooke is taking something to the mailbox.  Well, time to move onto the chores!

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Post!

This is my first attempt at trying to figure out this blog so far.  Brooke, Daddy, and Faith are at Brooke's piano lesson at the moment.  It sure would be handy if Brooke was home right now to help me with all of this blog stuff.  Right now Momma and Laurel are doing PE together, and I should be doing science but this is more fun!  Well I better go do my science before I get in trouble, so, until tomorrow!