Monday, November 8, 2010

1 day to relax and then its back to school :(

Well I had a wonderful weekend at OCC (Ozark Christian College) with Paige, My Mom, Brooke, and Sarah.  It was really cold there and some of the activities were outside.  When we were on our way to the bonfire someone threw a football and smacked me in the back of the head with it.  Momma was sure that it was an accident but I wasn't.  They didn't apologize, but they did stop throwing it to each other.  Our group left the bonfire early because it was too cold and so that we could take showers before a line formed.  Paige and I were in a different dorm room so after showering we went and talked to our roommates for the night,  Jennifer and Arbie.  They were very nice and fun to room with!  Well I suppose that I'd better get on to other school, Fino a domani!


  1. Yeah!! It was a great chance to get to get closer to Jesus!!


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