Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A very rain cloudy, sleepy, kind of day...

Today is a very somniferous kind of day.  One of those days that you feel like doing nothing but laying around and watching movies or reading a good book by the fire.  But, alas, life must go on and so must school work, yuck.  If I must write something rather cheery I suppose I'll tell you (Whoever you are, and if anybody is reading this.) about what my family is doing at the moment.  Well, Laurel is doing PE (again), Faith is making hideous, annoying noises with a balloon, Brooke is practicing piano, Daddy is doing laundry, and Momma is gone at the moment.  Well not much is going on, so I believe that this will be my post for the day.  Comentario por favor!

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