About Me

Hey, my name is Bekah! Thanks for dropping by my blog! If you read many of the posts you'll notice that most of them are about my relationship with Jesus. My hope is that I can inspire you to grow in a relationship with Him. God has definitely blessed me beyond measure with wonderful parents and 3 awesome sisters. Some might say that I'm the unlucky middle child, but I'm not unlucky at all! I get to have my older sister as a Godly example, while still getting to be a little kid with my younger sisters. I was homeschooled and now go to a community college.  Let me tell you, being homeschooled is way better. I have many sweet friends, some from birth and others that I have had the privilege to meet over the years! I enjoy playing my guitar, and try to play the piano. I also like to sew, run, and do fun adventurous things!   Once again, thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy!