Thursday, November 1, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 1}

Okay, this is my first I ♥ Thursday post!  This week I've been going nuts over the colors mint and peachy salmon pink.  
Spring Time
I wish, I wish I had this outfit!

I've been singing Les Miserables ALL week, the 25th anniversary is my favorite so far (:  
Minus Nick Jonas...Sorry....

And this song, please listen to it and be amazed!  

Here's a laugh for your day 
HA!  Wow...
HA!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!  

P.S. I'm linking up to Bramblewood Fashions I ♥ Thursday!  Check it out!


  1. I'm not familiar with all versions of Les Miserables, but there certainly are some stunning performances in that one!

    And I love those mint green shoes.

  2. I totally agree!

    I know and those shoes are only $19! (:


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