Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Fest!

This past weekend was our little town's Fall Festival!  It always starts out with a parade on Saturday morning with the local High school's marching band, then ending with horse drawn carriages, in between there are lots of other floats (my favorite ones are the ones that give out the most candy).  One of the floats had people dressed up like prisoners running in front of people dressed like police officers.  This float always has a confetti bomb on it.  I should have seen it coming, but I failed to notice on of the police officers walking next to the float holding two wires, right when he was in front of us he touched the two wires together and one of the confetti bombs exploded.  It sounded like bombs were being dropped on us by air plains.  I would be lying if I said it didn't scare me, I'm pretty sure I screamed.  My ears were still ringing after the entire parade was over.
After the parade was over everyone normally heads over to the park where bands are singing in the gazebo and little shops have stands set up.  There are bounce houses a rock wall and a trampoline with the bungee cords attached.  They also have a delicious lunch, and you can do everything for free if you buy one of the buttons, which are 5$ each, I still remember when they where about 3$ each.  Our family just bought a couple of buttons and shared them.
On Sunday, there isn't as much stuff going on, there aren't any bounce houses or rock walls.  We went to church in the morning and then went to a history of all the little churches in town afterwards.  After lunch, my sister, Brooke and I walked around and Brooke bought some fried jalapenos and some fries mushrooms.  They were delicious.  The mushrooms were perfectly salty and crunchy, while the jalapenos were extremely spicy.  If it was possible to live on fair food, I would do it.  Brooke complained all day how her stomach was burning from eating all of those fried jalapenos.  The last thing we do at our Fall Fest is the city has an ice cream social, the perfectly delicious ending to the day.

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