Monday, September 8, 2014


It's late.  I'm aware of the fact that I'm oh, so sleep deprived.  Which is probably why I just burst into tears as I read some of my old posts.  I know that most of the stuff in them was straight from God himself.
I could never have such great wisdom. 
I'd forgotten some of those valuable lessons I'd so painfully learned.  
Because I am valuable.
I am something to be treasured.
I make stupid, silly mistakes.
I am seen by God as the most beautiful of all creations.  
I am funny and witty.  
I'm a hard worker who will reach my dreams.
No one can label you. 
No one. 
You already wear the label of the king of kings! 
That is something so precious and valuable.  It cannot be snatched away in a moment like beauty or popularity can be.  It has to be removed personally. And even then you can always put it back on where it belongs.  God will always be there with open and loving arms.  
He doesn't change.
We do.
So we should proudly wear our labels.  Not the man made ones, those are cheap and dirty.
But the truly valuable one's given to you by Christ.

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