Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It's 68 and rainy outside.  The perfect fall day!  The only time I feel like doing any school is when I don't want to be outside, which makes these types of days perfect!  One of the easiest things to do for outfits during the fall is, black skinny jeans.

They are so easy to style!  And the pair I have is pretty comfy too.  One of my favorite looks is just a plain long sleeve t-shirt with a scarf.  It's casual and comfortable.  I also love going with a bright cardigan with a tank top underneath.  In the winter paired with boots it's perfect.  You could also go with a sweater or a printed t-shirt.  When I wear a bright flannel shirt, I like to wear my white converse with it.   
There are just sooo many, ways you can style them!  
I hope you all are having a fantastic week! 


  1. I love those ideas! I've wanted black skinny jeans for a while, but it's been so hot I'll have to wait 'til probably November. :(

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean though, after that wonderfully cool day, it was back to 95. That's Kansas for you.


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