Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Towel and a Wash Basin

Last night was our High School Bible Study.  We watched a video sermon done by a student at Ozark Christian College.  It was all about how Jesus always had a towel and a wash basin in His hands.  Always ready to do the dirty work of cleaning others feet instead of having others clean His.  While watching this I realized how we think that were making Jesus famous but we're really just making ourselves look better.  We're always working to get ourselves higher up on everyone's respect list so that others will listen to us, when really we should be doing the small things, washing the feet.  It doesn't have to be something big like taking a mission trip to a foreign country.  It could be something as small as talking to the new kid in school to opening the door for an elderly person at the store.  This is something I really need to work on, I realize more and more how unwilling I am to wash feet.
Since my parents are the Youth Pastors at our church, my sisters and I will often help them set up for activities on Wednesday night and then help pick up afterwards.  When I was laying in my bed last night before I fell asleep, I was thinking about Bible study and the message from that night.  I became convicted because I realized how often, I'll say to my mom, "Why can't someone else set this up?"  or "Why can't you have some of the other kids from Youth Group stay to help pick up?"  I saw how selfish I was being, how unwilling I was to  wash feet.  I see this and it makes me sad because when I think I'm finally getting it right, God will show me where I'm going wrong.  I thank the Lord for showing me how wrong I was in my thinking and asked Him to help me be more willing to wash feet.

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