Friday, December 6, 2013


Isn't it crazy the things we decide are important?  For me it's being the best at the sport I'm playing, or having the most fashionable outfit.  Dumb right?  Because, honestly this stuff won't matter in a year, or a month, or even next week.  I've always been told that relationships are the most important thing.  Not like lovey-dovey relationships, just good old fellowship.  If I get into a disagreement with a friend my mom always has this verse ready for me, "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18  As much as I hate to hear it, it's true!   She always then proceeds to say that relationships are the only thing that we will take with us when we die.  Which is also true.  Now...That doesn't mean that all the other things in life aren't important to God.  Not at all.  I have firm faith that God listens to us when we're six and asking for a Barbie Jeep, just as much as he listens to us when we're praying for a life or death situation.  This doesn't mean that we should go live in a cave...Because even if we did that, we would still be coveting what all the other people in civilization had.  Which would be breaking the tenth commandment.  We just have to accept the fact that we are sinners and that we live in a fallen world.  We just have to use the world and the things it throws at us as tools.  Tools to love others.  Tools to serve others.  Tools to bring others to Jesus.  When you think about it,  when the devil throws a storm our way, it's really a giant blessing.  I know that it sure won't seem like it, but it builds our character and testimony if we handle it in the right way, taking it to Jesus.  I know that this post is kind of all over the place crazy...But this is just what Jesus has put on my heart to say, and so, I'm going to say it.  We have the tools to serve our God.  We just have to do it.  


  1. Wow. I guess it's always a good thing to hear these things. Romans 12:18 is one of my dad's favorite verses, so I hear it often. :D

    I often set my priorities wrong, only to find I need to shift my goals toward the Lord, and what he has in store for me. :)

    1. That's what we all should do, I know I have to do it daily. :) Thanks for reading!


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