Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crazy love.

One of the many questions that has been tumbling around in my brain lately is, why in the world would you get into a relationship if you know you're going to get hurt?  I mean, really, if we know that we'll end up with hurt feelings, we'd probably run from that relationship.  I know I would.  Especially if it would cause emotional and physical pain.  Then you'd just be crazy to even talk to that person and put yourself and your heart in danger like that. And yet, that's exactly what Jesus did.  He knew that He was going to come and be beaten and scorned and tortured.  He knew that I was going to break His heart daily by following my selfish wills and desires.  But He still came.  He came and was tempted, tortured, beaten, hated, and killed.  He defeated death only to be hurt daily by His sheep.  In a way every single time we have our way and end up in sin, we're putting that nail back into His hands.  Putting Him back up on that cross.  Putting Him back into the grave.  It hurts Him more emotionally when we sin.  More pain than man ever caused Him while He was on earth.  I mean that's some crazy love right there, and it's exactly what Jesus did for me.  For everyone.  Even though I know that He loves me, it's still mind-boggling to think about how great His love is.  And how it's just now making it through my thick skull.  I'm such a human.  A human that is so thankful for God's crazy love.

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