Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Jesus Just Another Infomercial?

Do you ever fell like you're getting ripped off?  I know that when an infomercial comes on TV I can't seem to pull myself away from it, even though I know its just a scam.  Sometimes we feel like we've been ripped off by people, like since we gave them a compliment that they should give one back.  I know that I've felt that way before.  I've thought,  "I complimented on her new skirt, why doesn't she say something about my new shoes." 
One year when my family was on vacation in Texas we saw a stand that was selling Sham Wows.  It was very mesmerizing to watch the man at the stand spill the drink then soak it up with the Sham Wow and everything would be dry.  My dad was sold, he was ready to buy one right then.  He probably would of if my mom hadn't stopped him.  After we got back from Texas, Momma went shopping and came back with a Sham Wow Jr.  That was probably one of the biggest wastes of money ever.
While we get ripped of by this world and its earthly things, we have to remember that if we put our trust in Jesus we'll never get ripped off and that He will always be there for us.

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